Thanks to Stuart Mayper of CNG 4 America, TXNG board members Ken Morgan and Jason Isaac took part in a 90-minute briefing with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s staff on how new markets for natural gas can build the state’s economy, help fund our schools and roads and secure our country’s energy security.
Dr. Morgan led off the meeting by describing how the U.S. has abundant food, water and the opportunity to not only meet our own energy needs but also export energy to our allies.
Rep. Isaac discussed the Texas Energy Education Project and why it is so critical to educate our young people on the facts about the energy Texas produces; the positive and negative impacts of each energy resource; and why Texans should be proud and appreciative of our state’s ability to help people in our country and around the world lead better lives.
Dr. Morgan concluded the meeting discussing policy priorities for natural gas vehicles, including raising the CNG truck weight limit on state roads to harmonize with federal law, providing encouragement for public fleets to continue to transition to natural gas, creating a market for used natural gas vehicles, and expanding the Texas Transportation Triangle.
The Texas Natural Foundation wishes to thank Deb Mamula and Logan Spence of the Lt. Governor’s Office for their time and interest in expanding the use of Texas natural gas.

by Texas Natural Gas Foundation