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Our Members

Silver Members

Electric Cab of North America

Electric Cab provides a fun, safe, and green ride for evening entertainment and special event pedestrians in Downtown Austin. They deliver the most eye-catching, innovative and cost effective advertising in the market today.

They are reinventing urban mobility and setting the stage for low-speed autonomous vehicles.

Visit their website for more information: ecabna.com

Fikes Wholesale, Inc.

Fikes Wholesale, Inc. is headquartered in Temple, operates more than 200 convenience stores and supplies multiple types of fuel to independent store operators, commercial, and government/municipal customers from their fuel terminal in Waco, where they offer all grades of gasoline including E10, E15 and E85, as well as biodiesel blends from B5-B99.
Fikes Wholesale has been serving Central Texas for more than 60 years, since Clarence Edison Fikes – for whom CEFCO is named – opened a single Texaco filling station in Cameron, Texas. Fikes now operates more than 200 CEFCO convenience stores in states from Texas to Florida.”  They sell biodiesel in most of their Central Texas locations, as well as ethanol blends.
Visit fikesinc.com for more information.

Industry Member

One Gas

One Gas through its Texas division, Texas Gas Service, provides CNG filling stations across the Austin area.  To see locations with current prices, click here:

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is used to fuel natural gas vehicles (NGVs) that produce few or no emissions. NGVs are good for the environment, and owners also see savings at the pump. CNG is a fuel source that is made from compressing natural gas to high pressures. CNG can be used in place of gasoline, diesel fuel and propane in light, medium, and heavy-duty applications with a CNG conversion kit available or CNG engine. Compressed natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel operating today, producing the fewest emissions of any motor fuel.

Texas Gas Service also provides a Natural Gas Vehicle Rebate program.

Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance

Formerly the Greater Houston Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, the Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance’s mission is to develop and expand natural gas transportation markets, technology, and refueling stations in the State of Texas using industry initiatives, government programs, energy education, safety awareness, environmental advocacy and community relations.  Members include utilities, public and private fleets, and CNG and LNG industry leaders.  The TXNGVA hosts bi-monthly member meetings, educational workshops, and first responder awareness trainings throughout the State of Texas.

Visit them online.

Supporting Members

HBH Gas Systems

Since 1998, with a solid reputation and core competency in central propane gas systems, HBH Gas Systems has offered propane suppliers and retailers the opportunity to own and operate community propane systems for residential and commercial developments where natural gas is not available. By installing one central propane tank for an entire development and installing underground mains to each lot, propane marketers can market and provide metered central gas for their customers.

Fuel your off grid development with economical, environmentally friendly propane gas. HBH Gas Systems specializes in the marketing, design, and implementation of fully-engineered central LP (propane) gas distribution systems. In qualified developments, we provide systems at no cost to the developer.

Visit them online at hbhsystems.com

The Propane Council of Texas

The Propane Council of Texas (ProCOT) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 dedicated to educating the public on clean-burning propane autogas. ProCOT is the state entity that represents the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC), which was authorized by the U.S. Congress with the passage of the Propane Education and Research Act (PERA) of 1996. ProCOT administers a Propane Mower & Vehicle Incentive Program that assists fleets and commercial users on making the switcher to greener propane autogas. Visit www.procot.org for more information.

Henna Chevrolet

Henna Chevrolet Isuzu has been proudly serving Austin, Texas drivers for more than seven decades, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the same unsurpassed level of care that you’ve come to expect from the Henna name.  In addition to Chevrolet’s award winning Bolt and Volt electric models, we also offer Chevy and Isuzu trucks that are designed for conversion to CNG and LPG.  We are a Business Elite dealership that caters to the unique needs of Fleet and Commercial customers and we strive to treat all our customers like family, catering to their trade-in, purchase, finance and service needs.  Henna Chevrolet Isuzu will Stand By You!

Texas Natural Gas Foundation

The Texas Natural Gas Foundation focuses on the following four areas:
  1. Educate public and private entities about the benefits of natural gas and its many uses.
  2. Identify challenges and opportunities that impact business and regulatory environments.
  3. Facilitate communication between stakeholders to help foster strategic partnerships and innovative solutions.
  4. Develop and implement educational materials and workshops in schools and public outreach programs pertaining to the science and technology of exploration, development and production of natural gas.

Visit their website to learn more.

Capital Metro

Capital Metro is committed to being the most sustainable transportation option available to Central Texans. Between 2012 and 2016, Capital Metro reduced energy use by 13.4%, the equivalent of more than 250,000 kilowatt hours per year. Specific activities such as converting outdoor lighting to LED and upgrading building air conditioning to more efficient systems, contributes to cost and energy savings. Cap Metro partnered with the State Energy Conservation office to audit and analyze all facilities and identify even more ways to reduce the agency’s energy load.

The agency reduced its water consumption by more than 800,000 gallons per year, a reduction of 13.6%. Installation of more efficient bus wash systems and landscaping with native and adapted plants help to save water. Moreover, more than nine percent of the agency’s total waste is recycled.

Capital Metro also launched an electric vehicle program, purchased electric fleet vehicles, and installed charging stations for its fleet vehicles for employee use. They have ordered two electric buses in anticipation of a large scale electric bus deployment within the next few years. They are currently building a smart electric bus yard with charging and storage for up to 200 buses.

Visit capmetro.org for more information.

Smith Sustainability

Smith Sustainability commits to supporting the development of refueling, service and/or maintenance facilities for alternative fuel vehicles in LSCFA’s region.

Visit smithsustainability.com for more information.

Partner Organizations


The mission of the CLEAN AIR Force of Central Texas is to (1) be a liaison among all stakeholders, (2) coordinate the air quality planning of the private sector, (3) provide a forum for public discussion, (4) educate the public on air quality issues, and (5) manage air quality improvement programs in Central Texas focused on motivating the citizens, businesses and governments of this region to take actions to reduce air pollution to protect public health and the health of the economy.

Visit their website to learn more: cleanairforce.org

Capital Area Council of Governments

Air Central Texas (ACT) is an initiative hosted by the Capital Area Council of Governments to reduce exposure to air pollution in Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson Counties through voluntary actions to reduce emissions and tools for the public to avoid exposure to high pollution levels when they occur. Participants include local governments, regional and state government agencies, non-profit groups and institutions and businesses. ACT works to provide the public with information about Central Texas Air Quality, support existing air quality programs, and motivate everyone to make decisions that are Air Aware.  Visit their website at http://www.aircentraltexas.org/ to learn more.

Clean Cities Coalitions of Texas

All of the clean cities coalitions across the country work in communities to implement alternative fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. Clean Cities coalitions are comprised of businesses, fuel providers, vehicle fleets, state and local government agencies and community organizations. Each coalition is led by an on-the-ground Clean Cities coordinator, who tailors projects and activities to capitalize on the unique opportunities in each community. 

There are four clean cities coalitions working to clear the air in Texas.  We partner with each other to broaden our reach.