Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants (ERIG)

Advance Notice of Opening The Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants (ERIG) Program offers grants to upgrade or replace on-road vehicles, non-road equipment, stationary equipment, marine vessels, locomotives, on-vehicle electrification and idle reduction infrastructure, and rail relocation and improvement projects, which must result in a reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) of at least 25%. Application forms […]

TxVEMP Accepting Applications for Level 2 Charging Equipment for Light-Duty Zero Emission Vehicles!

The Texas Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Program (TxVEMP) is now accepting applications for the purchase and installation of Level 2 charging equipment for light-duty zero emission vehicles in the State of Texas from the following eligible applicants: Individuals, corporations, organizations, governments or governmental subdivisions or agencies, business trusts, partnerships, associations, or other legal entities. All applicants must be eligible […]

ROUSH CleanTech Begins Production of New Propane Autogas Fuel System

ROUSH CleanTech, a company that specializes in advanced clean mobility solutions, has begun production of its Gen 5 propane autogas fuel system. Ford’s new 7.3 L engine is compact, durable and easy to maintain. It is narrower than the previous 6.8 L, allowing it to fit into multiple vehicle chassis and be serviced with similar automotive […]

Hyliion, ANG Enter Natural Gas Fuel Partnership Agreement

Hyliion Inc., a company that specializes in electrified powertrain solutions for Class 8 commercial vehicles, and American Natural Gas Inc. (ANG), an alternative fuel provider, have entered into a partnership agreement that offers Hyliion customers discounted pricing for renewable natural gas (RNG) at ANG fueling stations across the country.  Hyliion and ANG also entered into a sales agreement […]

Our CNG Class 8 Hybrid Webinar with Hyliion is Now Online

NEW TECHNOLOGY!Learn about Hyliion’s Hypertruck ERX –  a complete electric drivetrain for a Class 8 truck from any manufacturer without a huge battery pack. The Hypertruck system is designed to be recharged while the truck is under way via a natural-gas-powered generator, capable of a net-negative carbon footprint through the use of RNG.  Hyliion also produces a hybrid CNG/electric or diesel/electric solution that adds an […]

ZE Trucks, Buses in Position to Double in Model Availability

The number of available and announced models of zero-emission trucks, buses and off-road equipment in the U.S. and Canada is on track to rise nearly 78% by the end of 2020 compared to year-end 2019 – and that figure is expected to more than double by 2023, according to the Zero-Emission Technology Inventory (ZETI). Recent corporate commitments […]