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136314_10_5 Nissan collaborates with Foster + Partners to develop ‘fuel stations of the future’ - by greenfleet.net Nissan is collaborating with UK based architect firm Foster + Partners to develop new concepts for the future of low emission fuel stations. The project aims to develop a sustainable and innovative refuelling network to support the future progression of low emission electric vehicles (EVs). Nissan will lend its expertise in the EV market
front+shot+of+222+for+auto+blog Black Zombie electric Mustang launches Blood Shed Motors - by Domenick Yoney of Autoblog, see original article and watch videos HERE. Lightning repeatedly vanquished the darkness like the angriest of strobe lights and thunder shook the building, punctuating the clatter of a heavy Texas rain on the metal roof as the clock ticked away the initial seconds of a rare full moon Friday the 13th. It
CCNewLogo_001-1 Clean Fleets North Texas 2015 Call For Projects is Open! - The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has opened the Clean Fleets North Texas 2015 Call for Projects (CFP) to help fleets modernize and improve efficiency of their vehicles and improve air quality. Applications are being accepted through October 23, 2015.  This CFP will provide approximately $2.5 million in grant funds for public and
image-5 What are the alternatives to traditional state fuel taxes? - As Returns from Gas and Diesel Taxes Decline, States Look to Alternative Models Nearly all of us regularly use and access public roads, infrastructure, or transit services. As you may have read in the July blog post, Feeling Pain at the Pump? Factors That Affect Fuel Prices, it’s common practice for federal, state, and local

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Nissan collaborates with Foster + Partners to develop ‘fuel stations of the future’


Propane Council of Texas: Greening the Landscape Industry

The Propane Council of Texas, a non-profit dedicated to educating the public on cleaner-burning prop


Texas Drops Surcharges on Non-Road Diesel Equipment 25%

New legislation from the 2015 84th Texas Legislative Session will reduce the Texas Emissions Reduct


CNG 4 launches in Katy

Alternative fueling options increased on July 7 when CNG 4 America's compressed natural gas station