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Member Spotlights

Member Spotlight: ICOM North America

Dudley Westlake Autogas Fleet Development Specialist This month we asked Dudley Westlake of ICOM North America to tell us a bit about himself, how he became interested in alternative fuels and ultimately why he joined ICOM North America. They are our newest coalition members. How did you get involved in alternative fuels?  I have always

Member Spotlight: Henna Chevrolet Isuzu

Ronnie Max Oldham – Commercial and Fleet Sales Consultant How are you and Henna involved with alternative fuel vehicles? I work with commercial and fleet accounts, building relationships and selling them medium-duty work trucks and vans from Izuzu and Chevrolet, which has a variety of AFV offerings. You’ve been involved with Lone Star Clean Fuels

Suburban Propane

Christina Roberts leads the National Accounts Sales Team for autogas sales at Suburban Propane.  She sat down with us this month for our member spotlight.About Suburban Propane – Headquartered in Whippany, New Jersey, Suburban Propane Partners, L.P. (NYSE:SPH) has been in the customer service business since 1928. Suburban is a nationwide marketer and distributor of

Meet Brian Zelis Business Development Manager for Nissan-USA

Brian has recently joined the Nissan team and  is responsible for the growth and leadership of Nissan’s market expansion of the EV automotive and fleet sector. Based in Dallas, Brian’s responsibilities include marketing, sales, and fulfillment throughout the South Central Region. To make 2018 LEAF fleet purchases even easier, Nissan has participating dealers on the Texas

Member Spotlight – Electric Cab of North America

This month we interviewed Kris Bailey, the Chief Operating Officer of Electric Cab of North America. Kris joined Electric Cab of Austin in 2011 as the COO. He is the COO and co-founder of Electric Cab of North America which began operating in 2016 as a first/last mile solution company. What service does Electric Cab of