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Member Spotlight: Henna Chevrolet Isuzu

Ronnie Max Oldham –
Commercial and Fleet Sales Consultant

How are you and Henna involved with alternative fuel vehicles?
I work with commercial and fleet accounts, building relationships and selling them medium-duty work trucks and vans from Izuzu and Chevrolet, which has a variety of AFV offerings.
You’ve been involved with Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance and other Clean Cities coalitions for a long time – how did you initially get involved?
I owned a company called CleanFuel CNG Conversions which upfitted vehicles to run on compressed natural gas and propane.  I was responsible for all aspects of management of this startup, including hiring, training, motivation and supervision of numerous employees and contractors, as well as sourcing and procurement of equipment and system components. In this position I also made direct sales of engine conversion services to large fleet and government accounts in various states.  I have about 10 years of experience with CNG, LPG and plug-in hybrid systems.  Through this company, I worked with Clean Cities Coalitions and propane and natural gas associations across a number of states.

Since you designed and installed onboard fuel storage and delivery systems, were you required to hold certifications and if so what?
Yes, I am: CSA Certified Fuel System Inspector, ASE F-1 Certified, Texas Railroad Commission CNG Certified
Anything else we should know?

Here’s one of my favorite inspirational quotes:

Excellence is the result of caring more than others think is wise, risking more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.

Ronnie Max can be reached at ‭(512) 289-9799‬ and max.oldham@henna.com.