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4/29 – AFV Greenhouse Gas Emissions and AFLEET Tool Updates


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Presented by Andrew Burnham (Argonne National Laboratory (ANL)

Andrew Burnham, from Argonne National Laboratory, will lead the webinar and will discuss issues related to the greenhouse gas emissions from alternative fuel and advanced vehicles. This webinar will discuss how various AFVs differ from conventional vehicles and how this has changed due to recent regulations.

Many researchers have been working to incorporate new data into Argonne’s GREET lifecycle model regarding these issues. From that research, Andrew has created the AFLEET Tool for Clean Cities stakeholders to estimate the environmental (and economic) impacts of AFVs. Andrew will present updates made to the AFLEET Tool. You can find both the AFLEET Tool spreadsheet and user manual here: http://greet.es.anl.gov/afleet_tool and on the Alternative Fuels Data Center website

Registration is required. To attend, register for the webinar with GoToMeeting.