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Drayage Loan Program for Harris and Surrounding Counties

Drayage Grant Call for Projects Now Open

Grants are now available to be combined with Drayage Loans.

According to the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), the more than 3,000 diesel-powered port (drayage) trucks that move shipping containers at the Port of Houston account for 35% of nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions at the Port. NOx is a primary precursor to ground-level ozone, which can cause asthma attacks, lung inflammation, and other respiratory illnesses.

The Drayage Loan Program helps reduce NOx emissions from drayage trucks by replacing older, dirtier trucks with newer, cleaner models. Independent truck owners and trucking companies can apply for an emissions reduction incentive grant through the H-GAC Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program to partially offset the cost of a new truck. Qualifying applicants may receive low-interest loans to finance the remaining balance between the cost of the new vehicle and the emissions reduction incentive grant.

Created as a joint effort between H-GAC, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EDF, and Port of Houston Authority, this program has replaced over 200 trucks and reduced Houston-area NOx pollution by over 150 tons since 2010.

How to Apply

Get started by filling out our Pre-Qualification Form. If you have questions on the Drayage Loan Program, please contact H-GAC staff as follows:

Telephone:    832-681-2588                           Mailing Address:   Drayage Loan Program, H-GAC
Email:           drayageloan@h-gac.com                                      PO Box 22777
Internet:       www.mysolutionis.com                                         Houston TX 77227-2777