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Park&Zoom Adds Electric Buses to Austin Airport Shuttle Fleet

Park&Zoom at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA) in Texas recently welcomed three new all-electric shuttle buses.
The new buses, provided by Phoenix Motorcars, are being added to ABIA’s current shuttle fleet of diesel and electric vehicles.
Park&Zoom, which opened in November 2016, has a partnership with the City of Austin as the only private parking facility on the ABIA campus. Park&Zoom also offers free electric vehicle charging for customers.

Voltabox Tour and Presentation

As part of our EV series of site visits and educational tours, Lone Star Clean Fuels teamed up with Voltabox of Texas for a presentation and factory tour on June 20th designed to educate attendees about lithium-ion batteries and energy storage. Our host, CEO Tom Ortman, provided us with a great education and a lot to think about. 

25 Years of Clean Cities

25 Years of Clean Cities Explore an interactive map of Clean Cities coalition history and work to strengthen our nation’s energy and economic security.


Member Spotlight- Fikes Wholesale Inc.

an Interview with Ed Youngblood and Jeff Clark

This month we interviewed Ed Youngblood, General Manager and Jeff Clark, Fuel Supply Manager to learn more about Fikes and what they can do for their customers.

Fikes, headquartered in Temple Texas, has been serving the fuel needs of Central Texas for more than 60 years. Fikes operates more than 200 CEFCO convenience stores (the 59th largest c-store chain in the Country) in states from Texas to Florida.

In addition to serving the fuel needs of its CEFCO chain of stores, they operate a Fuel Terminal in Waco and have a robust offering for Independent Store Operators, Commercial, and Government/Municipal customers.  Fikes Terminals offers all grades of gasoline including E0, E10, E15 and Flex Fuel (85% Ethanol) as well as Bio Diesel blends from B5-B99.

Q. Tell us a little more about how Fikes can serve the needs of Central Texas.

A. We have options for three distinct customer types.  Through our CEFCO convenience stores we can serve individuals and companies that have a fleet of vehicles that want to benefit from the use of bio diesel.  Most of our sites that offer diesel carry a 20% bio blend.  Through our Wholesale Division we can deliver full transport loads of any type of fuel needed. Customers simply place an order, and we deliver to their site in our own Transports.   Those who want to arrange for their own delivery can utilize our convenient terminal in Waco.

Q.  Tell us a little about biodiesel and who benefits from use.

A. Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from domestic renewable sources. Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level to create a biodiesel blend. It can be used in compression-ignition (diesel) engines with few or no modifications. Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free from sulfur and aromatics.

Q. Which CEFCO stores in Central Texas offer biodiesel and or E-85?

A. All CEFCO branded stores in Texas offer B5 or B20, and B20 is the predominate product from April 1st through October 31st. We are currently evaluating a premium diesel additive to improve the pour point of our diesel so that we can offer B20 all year. Additionally, the FIKES Terminal in Waco does offer biodiesel blends of B5, B10, B15, B20, and B99 to its dealer, commercial, and rack customers.

Currently there are no CEFCO stores that sell E85; however, our new sites are being built with a spare UST piped to all dispensers. This will allow CEFCO to add E85 to their product line in the future. Additionally, the FIKES Terminal in Waco does offer E85 to its dealer, commercial, and rack customers.

For more information about Fikes or about adding ethanol or biodiesel to your fleet please contact:

For Wholesale/Commercial/Government/Municipalities- Ed Youngblood 254-791-0009 x6219 or eyoungblood@fikesinc.com

For Terminal Operations– Jeff Clark 254-791-0009 x2286 or jclark@fikesinc.com

CEFCO stores in LSCFA coverage area offering B20

14200 Ranch Road 620 N AUSTIN TX 78717 WILLIAMSON B20 Offered
3805 S. 31ST ST. TEMPLE TX 76502 BELL B20 Offered
5510 WEST ADAMS TEMPLE TX 76502 BELL B20 Offered
22514 S.E. H.K. DODGEN LOOP TEMPLE TX 76502 BELL B20 Offered
10775 West Highway 36 TEMPLE TX 76502 BELL B20 Offered
12310 N.W. H.K. Dodgen Loop TEMPLE TX 76501 BELL B20 Offered
2016 SOUTH 1ST STREET TEMPLE TX 76504 BELL B20 Offered
7150 West Adams TEMPLE TX 76502 BELL B20 Offered

Austin Energy and Electric Drive Tour and Presentation

As part of our EV series of site visits and educational tours, Lone Star Clean Fuels teamed up with Austin Energy for a program designed to assist municipalities and fleets which are tasked with adding electric but are uncertain how to proceed.  Cameron Freberg led the Austin Energy presentation and answered multiple questions from the attendees about lessons learned in their many years with EVs.
Electric Cab North America transported the group across Lady Bird Lake to the Electric Drive project.  Bobby Godsey from Austin Energy led the tour of that area and provided insights into their thinking and lessons learned.
Thank you, Austin Energy!
There’s a different tour scheduled for June 20th which highlights battery storage and charging. Learn about this upcoming tour HERE.

Read more about the tour.

The Clean Cities 2017 Coalition Activity Report Released

This report compiles the accomplishments of all coalitions
throughout the nation in calendar year 2017. Coalition
coordinators assembled the data based on voluntary reports
from their stakeholders—the private and public entities that
are members of the coalitions. As such, each of these
coalition reports represents a subset of Clean Cities
coalition activities. Taken together, they are an important
indicator of how data, information, and resources can be
effectively leveraged through the national network of Clean
Cities coalitions and stakeholders, to achieve significant
results. Accomplishments from the National Clean Fleets Partnership (NCFP) are also reported directly by the national partners.

Read the full report HERE.