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Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grant Program

The TNGVGP provides grants to encourage an entity that owns and operates a heavy-duty or medium-duty motor vehicle to repower the vehicle with a natural gas engine or replace the vehicle with a natural gas vehicle. Grant applicants must go through a Participating Dealer under contract with the TCEQ to apply. Apply

Austin Driver Celebrates Winning Several Years of Free CNG

Posted from Fuel For Thought Blog After winning a free fuel card loaded with 1,000 gasoline gallon equivalents of compressed natural gas (CNG) from Westport and Clean Energy Fuels, Wayne Snead says he won’t need to pay to fill up his natural gas vehicle (NGV) for a long time. “I love it,” Wayne says. “I’m set for three to four years.”

SuperShuttle’s Fleet is Growing

SuperShuttle.  You know, the blue vans with the bright yellow writing on the side?  They’re the nation’s leading  shared-ride airport shuttle service transporting more than 8 million passengers a year nationwide.  Across the United States, SuperShuttle has made it a mission to switch to alternative fuels. And in Austin, SuperShuttle is making a big splash