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Alternative Fueling Facilities

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality recently announced that up to $12 million in grants is available for eligible individuals, businesses, and governmental entities to build or expand alternative fueling facilities in Texas!  The Alternative Fueling Facilities Program (AFFP) provides financial incentives for entities to provide alternative fueling facilities within the state’s Clean Transportation Zone to serve

TCEQ TERP Grant Programs and Opening Dates

FY 2020FUNDING OPENINGDATE Diesel Emissions Reduction Incentive (ERIG)Emissions Reduction Incentive Grants $30.2M Summer of 2020 Texas Natural Gas Vehicle Grants Program (TNGVGP) $7.7M Open now Seaport & Rail Yard Areas Emissions Reduction Program (SPRY) $4.6M Early 2020 Texas Clean Fleet Program (TCFP) $3.9M Early Spring 2020 Light-Duty Motor Vehicle Purchase or Lease Incentive Program (LDPLIP)

Want to Learn About PEV Battery Recycling Research?

There are multiple resources available to help you.  You can visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center’s (AFDC) Batteries for Hybrid and PEVs page for an overview.  The Department of Energy has committed multiple resources to PEV battery recycling including their ReCell Center, a Lithium Ion Battery Recycling Prize and Argonne National Lab’s Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling Publications.

Regional Clean Cities Workshop in Little Rock

Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance participated in the South Central Regional Clean Cities workshop last month. Coalitions from Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas gathered in Little Rock to work on regional issues.  The group toured Rock Region Metro’s CNG transit bus facility.

Propane School Bus Facility Tour and Roundtable

Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance, in conjunction with Eanes Independent School District, is hosting an upcoming tour and roundtable discussion of the fiscal and air quality advantages of propane school bus fleets. Local fleets currently using or considering propane will be there to share information about how to get started and about the multiple grants

Used Vehicle Buyer’s Guide

With thousands of new EVs coming off of leases, used EVs are more available and more affordable than ever before, with some available for under $10,000.Here’s a handy Used EV Buyer’s Guide. And don’t forget to think about charging options before you buy it!