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The signing of the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 retroactively extends many alternative fuel tax credits

The following list is provided to Clean Cities Coordinators as part of its Technical Response Service, a benefit to U.S. Department of Energy designated Clean Cities coalitions. There are several Bipartisan Budget Act provisions with implications for alternative fuels:  The changes outlined above are effective immediately. See the Alternative Fuels Data Center Federal Laws and Incentives page for

Meet Brian Zelis Business Development Manager for Nissan-USA

Brian has recently joined the Nissan team and  is responsible for the growth and leadership of Nissan’s market expansion of the EV automotive and fleet sector. Based in Dallas, Brian’s responsibilities include marketing, sales, and fulfillment throughout the South Central Region. To make 2018 LEAF fleet purchases even easier, Nissan has participating dealers on the Texas

Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance presents at TCAWG VW Settlement Workshop

The Texas Clean Air Working Group’s (TCAWG) VW Mitigation Settlement Trust workshop was held in Austin on January 17th as a forum to highlight the merits of available technologies meeting the Trust requirements for NOx reductions.  Presenters included:  TCEQ, Environmental Defense Fund, NGVAmerica and Alamo Area Clean Cities.  As part of the workshop, Lone Star

Austin Plans Self-driving Vehicle Role

December 26th, 2017 Original article At a news conference in the spring, Austin Mayor Steve Adler made a bold statement about the city’s future in innovative technology — specifically, its future in the automotive industry.“Austin,” Adler said, “should be to automated vehicles what Detroit was to the last century of automakers.” For years, high-tech and

Our Annual Report

The Department of Energy annually requests our help in determining the types of alternative fuels and technology deployed in our region, along with other efficiency measures being undertaken to reduce miles traveled or reduce idling time. The information gathered is then combined into the Transportation Technology Deployment Report.  We have sent the spreadsheets to our

Don’t Kill the Electric Car, EV Rebate Program is Safe

Finally, we can declare with 100% certainty that the $7,500 federal electric vehicle (EV) tax credit is SAFE, and was not cut in the combined tax package legislation that Congress released on Friday. Watch this short 30 second video from Plug In America: