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Member Spotlight – Electric Cab of North America

This month we interviewed Kris Bailey, the Chief Operating Officer of Electric Cab of North America. Kris joined Electric Cab of Austin in 2011 as the COO. He is the COO and co-founder of Electric Cab of North America which began operating in 2016 as a first/last mile solution company.

What service does Electric Cab of North America provide?

We focus on an industry known as Micro-Transit. We use electric vehicles to solve the first/last mile problem with public transportation. We firmly believe that the way to increase ridership on rail lines and bus systems is by making public transportation more accessible.

What locations work best for your first/mile last mile service?

We look to provide service that complements public transportation. Transit agencies and cities are our target customers. Large developments or areas with poor connectivity to public transportation are also where we focus. Our aim is to eliminate food and transit deserts one area at a time.

How is this product important to businesses and individuals? How will they benefit from using it?

Increased mobility in an area goes hand in hand with economic development. When people can move around easily, they can easily visit more places. This increases visits to businesses, creating more jobs and making an area more attractive to visit. All of this travel in our electric cabs – keeping Austin’s air clean and reducing traffic!

Where is Electric Cab of North America Operating?

We operate an on-demand urban mobility solution in downtown Austin 7 nights per week. People can easily move among all of the downtown districts (West 6th, Warehouse District, East 6th and Rainey Street, West Campus, SoCo, etc…). Instead of having to choose which district, you can visit all of them! We have also partnered with the Domain Northside to provide free shuttles through their development. We can connect the department stores to the condos to the restaurants. Again, with increased mobility, people frequent more businesses.

Where else do you operate – or plan to?

We are looking to connect this district to the Kramer Lane light rail stop as well. There is no public parking around that rail station, and it is in an industrial area. Within a 1mile radius, there are a lot of appealing destinations, such as the Domain Northside, with Whole Foods and all of the stores in addition to housing. There is also an Austin Community College Campus within a mile of that rail station. Can we increase ridership on the public transit system by providing accessibility to a rail stop? I think so.

We have been working in the St. Louis area for several years and launched Kirkwood, Missouri in late October. We have created a model that can be replicated and scaled to any city in the United States and are actively growing our company.

What else?

Our partnerships are what make us strong. We have partnered with Polaris, the manufacturer of our electric vehicles. They are firmly committed to providing high quality and reliable vehicles.

We have also partnered with United Rentals, which has given us the ability to launch a city from any of their 900+ branch locations throughout North America. For future projects we have partnered with 5D Robotics, a company focused on precise positioning that will enable autonomous vehicles to function better in the future. And we’ve partnered with Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance to develop project ideas to submit to potential funders.

Contact Kris Bailey at:

















Fleets Interested in the 2018 Nissan LEAF?

Nissan has participating dealers on the Texas Buy Board (Gunn Nissan in San Antonio) and Houston Galveston Area Council Cooperative Buy Contract (Mossy Nissan in Houston).   Orders are currently being accepted for LEAF fleet orders now for those wanting to secure delivery in March, April 2018.  Nissan is also  offering a purchase option which combines corporate Nissan’s LEAF fleet incentive with a portion of the federal EV tax credit for commercial and government fleets.

Those interested can contact:
Damian Herd, Manager
EV Fleet Sales & Business Development
Nissan North America
Learn more about the LEAF.

Propane Council of Texas: Greening the Landscape Industry

The Propane Council of Texas, a non-profit dedicated to educating the public on cleaner-burning propane hopes to help green the landscape community. This past week, August 13-15, 2015 in Dallas, the Council attended the Nursery/Landscape Expo hosted by the Texas Nursery & Landscape Association in effort to tout the benefits of greener options for landscapers.

The EPA estimates that 17 million gallons of gasoline are spilled each year refueling lawn equipment. Propane eliminates this threat to the environment, because it doesn’t contaminate groundwater or soil. Plus, it has a closed refueling system.

Additionally, propane commercial mowers produce less carbon and fewer greenhouse-gas emissions.

“Landscapers do not have to worry about lost labor hours due to mowing restrictions on Ozone Action Days, because propane mowers have lower emissions than traditional gasoline mowers,” says Jackie Mason, Education & Marketing Director for the Propane Council of Texas.

Landscapers also now have a vast amount of mowers to choose from that can be powered with propane. There are more than 17 manufacturers and 135 propane commercial mower models available either straight from the factory or through conversion.

“Propane Council of Texas also makes it easier for landscapers to make the switch by offering the incentives,” says Mason.

The program, which began in 2010, currently gives up $1,000 per propane commercial mower, up to 5 mowers.

For more information, propane mowers and the Council’s incentive programs, visit http://www.fuelingtexas.com.

Texas Drops Surcharges on Non-Road Diesel Equipment 25%

New legislation from the 2015 84th Texas Legislative Session will reduce the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan (TERP) fees on the purchase or lease of non-road equipment, beginning September 1, 2015. The TERP fee reduction will make buying and renting heavy equipment more affordable for all customers.

Surcharges on heavy equipment provide funding for TERP, a nationally recognized grant program designed to accelerate fleet turnover, reduce diesel emissions, increase the use of alternative fuels for transportation, and improve air quality for all Texans.

Since TERP was established in 2001, the Diesel Emissions Reduction Incentive (DERI) grant program has awarded over $905 million to 9,580 projects — replacing or upgrading over 15,623 vehicles and heavy equipment.

In the past year, HOLT CAT worked extensively with state legislators and other Texas Cat dealers to push legislation that will provide a 25% reduction in long-standing fees on the sale or lease of non-road equipment powered by diesel engines. This reduction will result in substantial savings for HOLT customers, ranging from approximately $250 to $2,500, on a variety of models.

“This positive change will provide even greater value to our customers while sustaining an important program that protects air quality,” said Paul Hensley, Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer for HOLT CAT.

Through these legislative efforts, HOLT CAT has also worked with a diverse group of government, non-profit and industry-based representatives to successfully advocate for an increase in TERP grant funds of $80 million for the upcoming biennium. Approximately $40 million of this increase will be added to the grant pool for diesel projects, which will make it easier for interested customers to receive grant awards as HOLT continues to assist them with TERP applications.

CNG 4 launches in Katy

Alternative fueling options increased on July 7 when CNG 4 America’s compressed natural gas station opened in Katy at 24985 Interstate 10.

“The I-10 (route) has a lot of trucks going up and down it. Trucks are the main customers we have,” said CNG 4 America president Bob Baldwin. “Many trucking companies have converted their fleets to CNG vehicles because fuel prices are much more stable than gasoline. Cost per gallon at Katy’s CNG station is $2.”

There are more than 7,200 compressed natural gas vehicles in the state, according to the Railroad Commission of Texas. “Experts in the industry say we have upwards of 100 years of natural gas,” continued Baldwin. “Our ability to utilize the gas is changing the infrastructure of our country.”

The new fueling center in Katy is a part of the company’s plan to build more stations on trucking routes.

“We want to go along routes where truckers ask us to go,” Baldwin said. “The first route was getting from Houston to New Orleans and back.”

Another station is slated for development in Lafayette, Louisiana. He also said there are plans to expand beyond that route, going through Mobile, Alabama and into Florida. The company plans to build additional stations along a route from Denver to St. Louis. “We’ve already got a station we’re going to be building in Colorado,” said Baldwin

The next CNG 4 America station will open in Austin as early as October. More information about compressed natural gas can be found at www.cngnow.com/what-is-cng. More information on CNG 4 America is located at www.cng4america.com.

Zero-Percent Financing Program on Ethanol-Ready Fuel Dispensing Equipment

Partnership creates a hassle-free path to obtaining alternative fuel upgrades

Fuel marketers seeking a competitive edge by offering alternative fuel options can now quickly and affordably add ethanol-enhanced fuels to their dispensing lineup.

Through an expansion of an existing partnership, Patriot Capital Corporation, a leader in innovative equipment financing solutions, is offering a zero-percent financing program to dealers who enlist Protec Fuel to create or expand their capabilities in offering E15, E85 and higher ethanol fuel blends.

The rate – available on terms of up to 60 months – is available to qualified retailers who install dedicated dispensing equipment and sign a supply agreement with Protec, a leader in turnkey ethanol solutions. Protec works closely with its C-store and fuel-marketing clients to manage and implement a complete alternative fuel solution, with services that include:

  • Equipment expertise in E15, mid-level blends and E85 systems, dispensers and stations.
  • Project-management or co-management of infrastructure installations, storage tank conversions or installs.
  • Assistance with permit applications and filings.
  • Station site promotion, target marketing, and advertisement.

“Protec has developed a solid reputation for providing C-store operators with an expanded range of fuel options, ranging from E15 to E85,” said Chris Santy, managing director, Patriot Capital Corporation. “We are excited about expanding our partnership with Protec Fuel. This partnership would include financing options for dispensers, price signs, underground storage tanks and other equipment work that will support the expansion of alternative fuels.”

“Patriot Capital Corporation is well regarded as the industry’s leader in providing financing to the fueling industry,” said Todd Garner, managing member and CEO of Protec Fuel. “We are excited to expand upon the expertise that Patriot has in providing hassle free financing to our customers. This will enable Protec to achieve our mission of broadening the footprint of ethanol availability for consumers and commercial fleets.”

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